Trying to decide between an Apple MacBook or an Apple MacBook Pro? Ars Technica weighed the options in each model and have some very good recommendations.

Conclusion: both the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are very nice laptops. The MB is slightly more luggable and the MBP a bit faster; the MBP has a dedicated graphics processor but at the cost of lower battery life. The Expresscard slot, FireWire 800 and the ability to take 3 GB RAM on the MBP are nice, but actually using those is costly. I’d say that the MB is probably a slightly better choice for people who also have a non-portable Mac, but if you’re like me and you just use a laptop, the extra screen real estate and the better expansion options on the MBP are probably worth the extra money.

It is still a tough decision. The value of the $1299 MacBook and what it includes makes it quite a bargain, but I think I’d miss the larger screen during prolonged use. If you mostly use a laptop to quickly edit a document, surf a few sites, read some RSS feeds, and then check your email then the MacBook is a great choice. If you want to do more and you can afford the difference the MacBook Pro is best for you.

Which is the better value: MacBook or MacBook Pro?]

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