Who didn’t see this coming? Microsoft’s Live OneCare has one again failed tests that check if it can detect and stop malicious programs designed to attack Windows. OneCare successfully detected only 82.4% of the 500,000 viruses the independent researches threw at it. This is the second test it failed in less than a month.

OneCare also received the rating, “mediocre” for detection of potentially unwanted programs.

OneCare fared particularly badly against so-called polymorphic viruses which regularly change their configuration in a bid to fool security software.

“Microsoft OneCare performed very low in the test, and did not reach the minimum requirements for participation,” wrote Andreas Clementi, senior tester at AV Comparatives, in the report about the tests.

Relying on Microsoft for your computer’s security is just as smart as leaving your keys in your car’s ignition. Microsoft may get things right with OneCare sometime in the future. However, I wouldn’t hold out hopes because by they time they do get it right, your system will already be rooted by hackers and have multiple virii battling for control. Once one infection gets in it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the subsequent malicious programs that are loaded. You’ll have to format your hard drive and starting over. Who needs that headache?

For side by side comparisons of the anti-virus programs tested visit AV-Comparatives.org.

[Windows fails second virus test]

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