Have you ever wondered what happens to the veterans who serve our country after they finish their service? Today’s Warped site takes a look at some of our vets after they are put out to pasture.

We at the Action Man Veterans Society pull no punches. The images and stories featured on our site are honest and brutal. We do not apologise. For what we show is the reality of life for Action Man and G.I. Joe after the toy box lid was closed for the last time…

The purpose of Action Man Veterans Society is to provide support and recognition for all of those who fought through the numerous campaigns of the 1960s, ’70s, and early ’80s. In recent years, the original action men have become the world’s forgotten heroes. No longer on active duty, they have found themselves shamefully neglected and rejected. Forced to survive in hostile conditions with no support or care, they now live with little dignity and few prospects.

But the future need not be bleak. With your help, this site can provide those unsung heroes with the opportunity to rediscover their self worth, self respect, the ability to contribute once more and a voice so that their stories can finally be heard. You can read about Peter, Tom, Jim, and Bud, and how their lives were forever changed by their actions in defense of our country. You read about some of the missing-in-action heroes, and what is being done to locate them. This site has some great tongue-in-cheek humor, which is why The Warp-o-Meter gives it a 7.5 rating on our scale of 10. Be sure to sign the guest book.

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