Best Buy says “oops” as the probe continues into what Best Buy describes as a simple mistake and lack of employee training. But consumer groups are banding together to take on the mega-retailer of computer goods and the investigation could include the entire US as more and more reports surface.

George Gombossy, Consumer Watchdog for the Hartford Courant newspaper, states in his column that:

“E-mails, messages and telephone calls from such places as Florida, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia and even from Best Buy’s headquarters in Minneapolis indicate that the problem for the 128,000-employee retailer extends way beyond Connecticut. That’s where I disclosed, in a Feb. 9 column, how salesmen at the West Hartford and Newington stores blocked a customer from getting a $150 discount on a laptop computer by showing him the identical-appearing in-store intranet site without the discount.”

Which makes one wonder, how many others were either turned away or may have paid to much for items that they have purchased from Best Buy? And should Best Buy fess up and take full responsibility for the lack of employee training or should we consumers just say ” no problem BB, we still love you”?

What’s your take?

Hartford Courant Story Here.

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