Disk Space Reporter lets you know which folders are hogging all the good disk space on your hard drive. This past weekend, while looking at my Mom’s notebook computer, we noticed that she was using about half of her disk space on the hard drive. Now I wasn’t exactly sure what was taking up the space – and I really had no way to check. I wish I had found this freeware program a few days earlier.

This freeware program is an easy and efficient way to give you a clear insight as to where you stuffed all that data on your hard drives. Sure we all put things on our computer that we didn’t know we put there or we have forgotten about. When it comes to doing a little spring cleaning – this program takes the cake. It is perfect for pointing you in the right direction to find out what exactly is taking up so much room.

For each folder you find inside of Disk Space Reporter, you get these details:

  • Space which the folder occupies including its sub folders.
  • The percentage of space which it covers of its parent folder.
  • The percentage of space which it reserves in terms of the entire drive.
  • Space that the folder uses without taking its sub folders into account.

Now it might not be exactly perfect; the freeware author also advises that real occupied space size may vary. This is a good start to solving an age-old problem, though. Where did all of my disk space go?

[192K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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