What do you do when you have too much cash and no place to spend it? This seems to be a problem that Google is facing as it continues to generate huge hoards of cash.

Yesterday the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco and, though somewhat vague, made it clear that Google and Apple were working closely together. Schmidt has been on the board of directors for Apple since August, 2006, and it seems that both Google and Apple share some of the same competitors, i.e. Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others, and also share a common goal.

Apple’s iPhone is also opening more possibilities and it is possible that Google may introduce its own device that will incorporate a telephone, computer, and Internet features into one single device.

As a side note, Google currently has a mountain of cash, which is estimated to be about 11 billion dollars plus change.

So here’s a rumor. How about Google and Apple merging and joining forces? Would this be enough to give Microsoft a run for its money?

What do you think? Comments welcome.

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