Suze Ormans eighth book, Women & Money acknowledging that there are powerful societal and emotional impediments that block even the most successful women from maximizing their financial resources. She identifies these attitudes, expectations, and self-sabotaging behaviors, showing how they work, and helps readers break through so they can know their worth. Further, she addresses how women can invest their income, save money, and handle debt as well as any man. To provide a schematic for women to follow Orman has incorporated into her book what she calls “a five-month (“Save Yourself Plan”) program designed to deliver genuine long-term financial security”.   In presenting her views, Ms Orman is conscientious about not talking down to the reader while addressing their need to face the unknown that prevents them from making decisions regarding the handling of their finances. She further addresses the needs of women by relating how the shifting roles of women, from being homemakers to working in corporate offices has effectively changed where, when, and how a woman deals with their money issues. She believes that while women have the intelligence to understand what they should be doing when it comes to money they sometimes simply refuse to act in their best interest, especially if it conflicts with caring for their families. Therefore, in this book the author is challenging women to learn and accept their responsibility regarding money by using strategies that will help them achieve their long-term goals. Orman’s book, Women and Money and her Save Yourself Plan is a realistic and educational approach for you to use when you feel discouraged and think about giving up when you become overwhelmed with the multitude of events and chores that place demands on your valuable time. I strongly feel that this is a book for women, about women that is well worth the cost of the book since it will help you make some good financial decisions that can bring you long-term financial security if implemented correctly.  Overall, it’s about every woman’s sense of whom she is and what she deserves, and why it all begins with the decision to save yourself. 

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