There are few things as old fashioned and traditional as a wedding. Even though couples add their own touches with poetry, sky diving and Halloween themes, a wedding is still something self indulgent which we do to celebrate a life change. It isn’t actually necessary, only signing the paperwork for the government is really necessary. But having a wedding is important to people and families. Mine was important to me.

Something new I’ve been hearing about is a green, environmentally thoughtful, wedding. I like the idea. When I planned my own wedding the environment was on my mind. I read about bird seed versus rice or flower petals. Which do you think has the least impact on the environment? It’s complicated. The birdseed might seem the best option but, it causes wild grass and such to grow in the area it is tossed. That will cause the use of more lawn chemicals. I forget why rice wasn’t a good option. Flower petals weren’t favoured either. In the end the article I was reading suggested the best alternative were soap bubbles. Though, I’m sure there is an argument against them too. How safe is soap afterall? How important are the small things like throwing rice and wedding favours?

If you look there are services offering green weddings and advice for keeping all the parts of your wedding ecologically polite/ sound. I found one which lets you used recycled gold to create your own wedding bands. I found another which offers to arrange the whole ceremony for you. But, there is more than the day itself to consider. It’s adding a lot to the bride’s to-do list. You might consider how important it is to be environmentally good one day which is already stress packed, instead you could put more effort into every day and give yourself a break on the one day you set aside to get married.

I’m adding this quote cause it’s just so sweet! It came from a furniture site.
“I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked what kind of wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.”
— Author Unknown

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