Yesterday I posted a request over at Scot’s Newsletter Forum, in the Linux section, asking for some opinions about how one would approach showing that Linux could rival Windows. And one of the posters who uses the moniker Urmas from Helsinki, FI, posted a link to a website which I found to be absolutely great.

The writer presents a rational and thoughtful comparison of Linux, but not as it compares to Windows, but uses the comparison to show what Windows lacks. And in doing so, he shows how Linux can stand on it’s own two feet. Yes, Penguins have feet. 🙂

As I went through the website, it became very apparent that the site is well designed and also the writer has spent many hours in compiling the information presented. And without me trying to explain everything that the site contains, I highly recommend you take a look for yourself.

For those who may be considering switching from Windows to Linux, I think this site is a must read.

And some of my friends from Scot’s Newsletter Forum wanted me to make sure that I mentioned that new users should try a Live CD distribution first, so as not to lose their data, and to also confirm that their system hardware is fully supported.

Why Linux Is Better Website

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