Puppy Linux is a small [only 87MB] distribution that is available for a free download and can be used as either as a live CD or installed on a hard disk. This little Linux version can then be used to boot up a computer that is refusing to start and to access the files. Puppy Linux can also be used on that older computer system that is sitting in your basement collecting dust. The beauty of Puppy Linux is not only it’s small size, but that it uses system resources sparingly.

This is not a stripped down version. The Puppy now comes with it’s own word processor program and also Mozilla for web browsing and email.

And the one feature I really like is that you can setup Puppy to boot from a USB drive. To create a Puppy boot thumb drive, you just choose the option under setup in the start menu ‘install Puppy USB’ and following the on screen directions. Once completed you have yourself a nice portable Linux distro. ready to run on any system that supports booting from USB. Or you can also run Puppy under another operating system environment, i.e. Windows.
So if your looking for a small, compact version of Linux to try, or to install on a older system with limited resources, why not take this Puppy out for a spin and see how you like it.

Get Puppy Linux from here.

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