After a long day at work, you’ll either be fully exhausted and ready to crash for the night, or you’ll be ready to go out and hit the town before coming home to crash and start the vicious cycle all over again in the morning. Where I live, there aren’t exactly any hot spots to go to at night, however, if I’m willing to drive about an hour to get to Atlanta, then a whole world of options are available. For the record, I’m usually not willing to make the drive to Atlanta, and I end up choosing my couch instead. If you live in San Francisco, Seattle, or certain other parts of Washington and are regularly looking for stuff to do when the sun goes down and the Man on the Moon shows his face, then give down2night a whirl.

Without a doubt, the best way to be informed about events that are happening out and about while you’re out and about is through your cell phone, and that’s exactly what down2night utilizes. They’ll send you SMS alerts to let you know about what’s happening at the places that you love on the nights that you’re available. Users (and even venues themselves) can add information on upcoming events, so you should be able to stay in the loop. The service may only support a small amount of locations at this time, but they’ll be launching support for a number of new big cities soon.

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