There I was minding my own business. Unloading some boxes into my daughters garage. She had just bought a home and the wife and I have been helping getting her and the grandson settled into their new place. Which has been one of my highest priorities since they have been staying with us for the past six months. 🙂

So there I was, like I said, minding my own business when this friend of hers drops by to help with the unpacking. After a few hello’s I am asked if I know anything about Vista. Never heard of a Vista. Is that a lunar landing machine of some type? But it is to0 late. The daughter has already placed a bill board sign on the main freeway telling everyone that her Dad is a guru and it is open season on picking his brain.

Question? What does it mean when you get the error [which she had written down for me] “An unauthorized change was made to your license” Simple. I don’t know. Next question. I vaguely recalled reading something, somewhere, at sometime about this having to do with some type of gaming protection that might trigger this error, maybe. 🙂 Gee……if I only had access to a computer my life would be complete.

So Dad unpacks the daughters machine and spends the next two hours setting it up. 2 hours? Of course. The daughter had signed up for the new AT&T multi-package discounted all in one, super-duper deluxe mixture in which she gets unlimited local and long distance phone service, 4 DISH network connection in her home and PLUS DSL self install package which she handed me as I walked in the door. Oh joy. This is after I spent 5 hours, yes that’s 5 hours with the Dish guy installing her Dish network. No offense AT&T but I could done the same job in half the time. Especially since the dish was already installed and left by the previous owners.

So I needed to configure the DSL and after some minor annoyances, I was able to also connect a router and we were up and running. Over to Microsoft I go and find this KB article here. Microsoft describes the problem as:

“This issue may occur for many reasons. Some of the reasons include the following causes:

  • A Hard disk error occurred
  • A program that is incompatible with Windows Vista is installed on the computer. For example: one of the following programs is installed on the computer: A computer game that uses nProtect GameGuard protection from INCA Internet Co., LTD
  • Tuneup Utilities”

So after some quizzing I learn that a game program called Gunbound World Champion had been installed and then the error occurred. Well that sounds good to me and blamed Gunbound the game. Which when uninstalled fixed the problem. At least that is what my daughter told me, that she was told by her friend.

Interesting. Anyone else have this problem? Let us know.

Comments welcome.

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