Every once in awhile I wonder over to a web site called ‘The 46 Best-Ever Utilities’ just to see if there are any new toys to play with. But because of some personal commitments I haven’t been over to the site for about a month or more. So it was good to see that the recommendations have been updated recently, to take into account either updates or other new software products.

What is Freeware? Software products that are free for downloading and that rival some of the best commercial versions. If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I am a huge fan of free stuff and use it on my own personal and when allowed, business systems. And I also recommend many of the software listed on this site to my family, friends, neighbors and anyone else who will listen. 🙂

What stood out was listing No. 4 for a product called Sandboxie. This product isolates anything you download into a virtual sandbox which keeps any critters off of your hard disk. Sounds interesting and one I am going to play with. A review will follow after trying this freebie. I did note that this product can cause system problems so I’ll be extra cautious.

In fact I saw a few new products listed on the site that I am going to have to try as well. Some of the newer spyware programs and protections caught my eye. Which is great because not only do I get to play with some of the newer software toys, all for free, but I can then report to you what my findings and opinions are.

Stay tuned.

You can check out The 46 Best-Ever Freeware Utilities here.

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