You can always tell when a product is enjoying success. The hackers attack it. For years one of the beauty parts of the Apple OS is the way they seemed to avoid being plagued with bugs and attacks. Those days seem to be coming to a end.

In one the articles I wrote, I referenced how Microsoft was clamping down on piracy and that Vista and Office 2007 would be a tough nut to crack. I received many comments pointing out the errors of my ways, with the most comments centering around “anything can be cracked’.

This seems like a fair enough statement. Because I must agree that there are some fairly smart folks who make their living by breaking into or just breaking things we call ‘software’. And extending the premise even further, this also would make any operating system vulnerable, whether made by Microsoft, Apple or Linux.

So what makes one operating system more popular to crack open? For years it was Microsoft. Not only because it was the most popular but there was a jealousy factor that Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. So Windows and other MS products suffered attack after attack. And those in the Apple and Linux community were always chiming in ‘see we told you so.’

But now two things have happened that may just change the playing field. First was the cute Apple vs PC guy commercials. I recall the first one I saw and thinking to myself, Apple is looking to stir the pot up. And so they did. Not only in computer sales, but also in alerting the world to their existence as a real player. Keep your eye on Apple in 2007. I would venture a guess that we will see more and more Mac attacks.

Second is Linux. No virus, no malware protection no nothing needed right out of the box. But Linux to is also steeping into the limelight. The stories of Dell’s on again, off again love hate relationship with Linux has brought it much attention. Just like the stories surfacing from HP and other OEM’s who are considering using Linux. And the much to do Microsoft – Novell alliance. One could surmise that Microsoft and Linux are working together. Same guess for Linux. I think we will see more attacks directed at it.

Popularity and notoriety come with a price. That price just may be more attacks and vulnerabilies.

I hope I am wrong.
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