Our friends at the IRS [Internal Revenue Service] are worried about our well being and have posted a warning on their web site informing us of IRS clones that are lurking about on the Internet. Basically the warning states:

“The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers that the address of the official IRS government Web site is www.irs.gov.

Taxpayers may be confused by the proliferation of Internet sites that contain some form of the Internal Revenue Service name or IRS acronym with a .com, .net, .org or other designation in the address instead of .gov. Since many of these sites also bear a striking resemblance to the real IRS site, taxpayers may be misled into thinking that the site they have accessed is indeed the official IRS government site. These sites are not the official IRS Web site and have no connection to the official IRS site or to the IRS. ”

Bottom line – if it doesn’t have .gov then it’s not the Real McCoy.  which for our non-English speakers means “the real thing” or “the genuine article” as listed in Wikipedia.

Be careful out there in cyberspace. There are many rogue sites on he Internet. The bad guys are always looking for new ways to make a buck.

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