Lately I have been thinking about all the blogging sites available to users of the internet. Many including myself, have blogs everywhere. Really and truly “do we all have that much to say?” Just the past couple of days I have been thinking about it.

I am not a computer professional, famous, or even rich. Do I really need all these places to say what I did today,yesterday, or my view of life? How many blogs do “you” read? Are the blogs of friends, famous people, or just political junkies spouting off their views?  Or are they like me, not quite sure what to say on a daily basis?

I signed up for twitter the other day and tumblr. The first real blogging I ever did was on my .mac site. As time went on I had a myspace site, then vox. There is facebook which I don’t have, (but considering) and I just signed up for

I am beginning to think that I really don’t have that much to say. I don’t work due to my disability, I use a ventilator 24/7 that limits my experiences in traveling. So maybe it is time to scale down on my ramblings. I will keep this site and maybe myspace, because of my young nieces. But the others…well they may have to go. It will be something that maybe I can write about for a couple of days. 🙂

What I really should do is set up my web page that I have had forever. But how many pictures of cats, dogs, or trees can you put up?

It is a thought to ponder………

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