Computer Forensics is a fairly new field in the technology world where the art of computer science and investigative techniques are mixed into one. Not only does the Computer Forensic specialist need to know how to collect data, but also needs to be specialized in the procedures that will allow this evidence to be presented in a court room environment.

The specialist examines a computer system for evidence of criminal or other illegal activity and needs to piece together a trial even when the data may have been erased by the suspect[s]. This requires a high level of skill and investigative work which makes the Computer Forensics technician part cop and part computer tech.

So how does one become a part of this new technical field? There is a forum for newbies where they can rub elbows with professionals who do this type of work for a living. I viewed a few of the postings that appear to have some valid tips on how one would proceed in this field. Some of the answers were obvious. You need to know computers and be a expert on both software and hardware. And certification is highly recommended as well.

Remember. You will be testifying in a court of law. And your credentials and expertise will be challenged by sharks…..I mean attorneys. They will try and rattle you and do what ever they can to discredit you. Enough said.

If you are interested in obtaining more informative information, I would recommend taking a look at this website here, and also joining the forum .

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