There is an old song that goes something like this: “Give me land, give me land, give me lots and lots of land… Don’t fence me in!” Well, I finally made the move. YES! I added a second monitor to my desktop. I now have a bunch of land and I am loving it. I am such a doofuss for waiting so long to do this.

I have had a spare LCD monitor sitting on my desk and a video card that can handle two monitors. For some silly reason that totally escapes me, I never took advantage of hardware capabilities that were staring me in the face… and cluttering up my desk.

Recently I began working on a somewhat involved print publication using Microsoft Publisher and found myself constantly opening and closing windows. Being a novice at using Publisher, having such a cluttered screen was not helping me find my way around. I kept losing folders, files, pictures, and anything else I might possibly need. My mind was as cluttered as my desktop and I was rapidly descending into insanity.

As I prepared to begin working on my project yesterday morning it occurred to me that, GEE, a little bit more real estate could go a long way. I pulled out the tower from its resting place and decided to hook up the second monitor. When I fired up the computer it was an amazing thing. Oh, MY… what a lot of land! With just one connection I had doubled the size of my desktop.

With Microsoft Publisher open on the main monitor I was able to use the other monitor to open file folders, manipulate photos, and view material on CDs and DVDs. I could also just leave all of these items open for easy access. It is so easy to slide items from one monitor to the other that it gives one the feeling that the desktop is as large as the desk that it sits on. I have truly found Nirvana.

This event may not have made such an impression on me had I utilized the two monitors a long time ago, but by making the decision yesterday it was a very good and productive day.

And to think that all I had to do to get this result was to plug in a monitor that was just sitting there gathering dust. It was a very big DUH! moment for me.

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