My wife and I just came back from a business trip that I went on to Paris, and this time, I didn’t have any available room in my schedule to meet with any other business contacts besides the ones that I was traveling to meet, but in the past, some of my trips have allowed for some time to meet with colleagues and potential business partners. I don’t have a huge network of people that I’m absolutely required to keep up with, but some of you may need to meet with others whenever and wherever you can. When trying to keep track of a large amount of people, it’s very easy to lose your bearings on what’s going on with everyone. PairUp is a service that aims to connect business travelers so that they can collaborate while on the go.

Members of PairUp work together by uploading their contact list to the service, and from there, they can then share their travel plans with the people that they want. If you find yourself having to travel somewhere at the last minute, use PairUp to find any of your contacts that may also be traveling to where you’re going, and this way, you’ll possibly be able to share a meal with someone you know instead of having to order room service again.

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