Recently, Wendy emailed me the following question:

Hi Matt,

I have a Wolverine FlashPac 2.5″ HDD, which comes pre-formatted in FAT32. Does that mean it can also support NTFS simply by a re-format?

Being as I am not familiar with the “FlashPac,” I did some looking and came up with the following. So assuming your OS of choice allow the drive to be mounted, I do not see any reason why it could not be converted over to NTFS.

One word of caution – considering the iPod has a recovery utility to pull yourself out of a mess should someone try this and then decide to revert back – I would make sure you have a similar option here as well. That or write this drive off as an experiment. See, the problem is that you may be able to make the drive convert, but I am concerned that any extended functionality could be lost if this is to serve as a media device still.

I think the best bet is to take into account feedback from other Gnomies out there. Please, if you have some thoughts, use our comments area and sound off with your suggestions on this matter.

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