Back in February, 2006 there was a demonstration by David Han who is a research scientist for NYU. His intuitive ‘interface free,’ using his finger tips only, demonstrates the future of computing. After viewing what Mr. Han did with the computer, I actually said to myself, “WOW.”

What is interesting about this concept is that the user no longer needs to depend on a hardware device such as a mouse or keyboard to interact with the system. This hands on approach would allow us to work more effectively with our computers without having to stop to move objects on the screen using a pointing device.

There was only one very minor problem I saw. I hate fingerprints on my screen! And I chastise those who have to take their greasy paws and point to something by pressing on the screen leaving behind their indentation of swirls and loops.

Which brings up the issue on how to clean a lappy screen. I use a old lint free sock lightly dampened with warm water to clean by laptop screen. Please note the word ‘lightly’. You don’t want water streaming off the screen onto your laptop. And yes, the laptop should be off when doing this.

Mindblowing Demo

And then reader Steve mentioned to take a look at BumpTop 3D, which is also worth looking at. There is a video over at Google UTube. Thanks, Steve.
BumpTop 3D

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