The Phishing Filter provides you with four options that are available by clicking the Phishing Filter option from the Tools menu within Internet Explorer. The four options include:

  • Check this Web site – Select this option to sent the currently viewed Web site to Microsoft for checking against a list of known phishing sites. This is a straightforward process that takes only a few moments.
  • Turn on Automatic Web site Checking – I recommend that you turn on automatic checking of Web sites instead of checking them manually. To turn on automatic Web site checking, select the Turn on automatic Web site checking option from the Phishing Filter menu.
  • Report this Web site – If you visit a Web site and discover that it is suspicious, you can click the Phishing Filter option and select the Report this Web site option. The Phishing Filter Feedback Web page will appear. Click the I have reason to believe that this URL is a phishing site option and click Submit.
  • Phishing Filter settings – The Internet Options window opens, with the Advanced tab pre-selected. You can choose to Check Web sites Automatically, Do Not Check Them or completely turn off the Phishing Filter.

That’s all there is to it
If you want to protect yourself against identity theft when browsing the Internet then you should use the Microsoft Phishing Filter. The program runs in the background and provides real-time scanning of any Web sites you visit to ensure they do not contain any characteristics of a phishing scam.

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