If Microsoft’s recent press reports are to be believed, Vista is a great success. This means Vista is selling twice as fast as Windows XP when was released in 2001. 20 million copies have been sold in the period from January 30 to February 28. The amazing fact is that Vista has sold more copies in its first month than Windows XP sold in its first two months. Windows XP sold only 17 million copies from November 2001 to January 2002.

I believe the lion’s share of the sales must be coming from OEM versions, which are shipped, via various third party hardware manufacturers. Microsoft has not disclosed any data regarding this.

Another interesting twist is coming from an interview that appeared on CNET NEWS with Windows marketing director Bill Mannion, that the sales of the most expensive version of Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, are better than what was expected initially.

We have relatively modest expectations for Ultimate, but it is exceeding that on both new PCs and the packaged product.

Most of the reviewers were skeptical about Vista’s success in the market, especially the more expensive Ultimate Edition, but these data shows that they are wrong.

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