After my Scan Dog article ran in Windows Fanatics, I heard from some of you out there that were in the same boat as I was and had older Epson scanners that did not, and would NEVER have, drivers to use the scanner while using Windows Vista as the operating system. One comment that could potentially help many of you out there was sent to me by Lockergnome reader Doug McRae (Mac). He spoke to Epson and sent me the following:

I downloaded the XP driver to my desktop in Vista and followed the directions from Epson (I’ll copy and paste the directions below my sig). It did error during the install, but Vista popped up a window about did I want to install in compatibility mode, and I clicked “yes,” and away it went. Vista warned me about the unsigned driver and I told it to go ahead anyway. After rebooting, I turned on the scanner and Vista told me it had found new hardware – an Epson Perfection 1200U Scanner – and proceeded to install the hardware. I opened the Vista Fax & Scan program (I have Vista Business Edition), put a document on the flatbed of the scanner, pressed the Scan button, and it scanned perfectly. I haven’t tried scanning any pictures, but I assume that if it will scan a doc properly, it should also handle pictures.

Hope this helps you get your older scanner working in Vista!


From Epson tech support:

  1. Go to Epson and click CANADA AND UNITED STATES
  3. Select your product type (ie: ALL IN ONE OR INKJET)
  4. Select your product from the list.
  5. Select the most current version of the driver for your operating system.
  6. Respond to the Download Survey and click SUBMIT.
  8. Make a note of the file name and save the downloaded file to DESKTOP in order to easily retrieve it.

Once you have the file on your desktop right click it and select properties, select COMPATIBILITY then check the run this program in compatibility mode for. Now select Windows XP SP2. Select APPLY then OK.

Locate and double click on the downloaded driver installation file. If at any point in the installation you see a screen that says User Account Control select CONTINUE.

  1. Click on OK at the first WinZip screen.
  2. Click on UNZIP at the second WinZip screen.
  3. Click on OK when WinZip is finished extracting files.
  4. At the SCANNER SETUP screen, click on OK.
  5. The installer will now copy files to the computer. When this step is complete, it will tell you to attach the cable and power on the scanner. Please connect the USB cable and turn on the scanner.
  6. The computer will install the new hardware.
  7. Click on OK when the driver installation is completed.

Other options suggested were VMware and a product called Vue Scan. Of course there is always the option of purchasing a new scanner…

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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