Today, Democracy Player is closer than ever to rolling out version 1.0. Much like the challenges that Firefox once faced, keeping things moving takes money – especially when it comes to compensating programmers. Granted, this is an open source project, but do not mistake open source as being “free” of charge. It may be free to download and use, but it will also means that someone is paying in one form or another.

Here is where you come in. Should you choose to join me in supporting one of my favorite projects with a whopping five dollars USD a month via PayPal, you will be helping me to ensure that all of us have an outlet in which we can express ourselves using IPTV any time we choose. DTV is a fantastic application with a very bright future ahead of it. I can not express enough how invaluable this app is in light of DRM, rootkits and other forms “malware”.

Don’t feel like subscribing outright? Fair enough, consider making a one time donation to help this great program continue. Subscribing funds will go to hiring a programmer for the app and to make sure that IPV remains available for all platforms; not just those of a closed source nature. DTV needs all of us to help. I subscribed, did you?

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