Today, Craig writes:

“…I was just wondering if you knew any tips on how to port Thunderbird contacts into Evolution. I’ve searched the Ubuntu forums and the only tip I’ve found leads to a tool that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks.”

As a matter of fact, I do. Well, at least with Thunderbird for Linux, that is. It should be the same, regardless. OK, check this out. First jump into the address book settings in Thunderbird. In my case, they would be in the address book known as “collected addresses.” Highlight this address book, then click tools, then export. The file type may appear to not exist, but it invisibly spits out the results out as a ldif file once the export completes.

From here, you ought to have the file visible for transport. Once on the Linux box, open Evolution and click over to contacts. Create a new address book by clicking the downward arrow next to the “New” button in the upper left. Choose new address book and then name it. Now choose File, Import, Forward, Import a single file then browse to the ldif file and then Forward, select which address book you want to add it to, then Forward and then finally Import.

Those struggling with doing this same sort of thing with Outlook to Evolution, I would recommend using Outport.

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