It’s been almost six weeks since the original postings that Firefox was going to dress up their add on website and also eliminate some of the toys people use, aka extensions. So today I took a look at the new site. It does appear that some site rearrangement took place, but using words like ‘new’ and ‘improved’ may not be what some of us would call the new site.

I guess I was expecting a little more. Better organization of extensions would of been nice. But it just seems the categories were moved around some. I know, I’m bad. But that’s just my personal opinion. Others may feel differently. And because of the lack of, shall we say ‘WOW’, there is not really much to talk about. 🙁

See for yourself and see what you think. I guess this post will just be for informational purposes only. To bad. I really was expecting more.

Take a look here.

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