Over at Digital Media Thoughts, Jason Dunn has interviewed SanDisk’s Le Tran about the upcoming Sansa View Pocket Video Player. He writes:

When I travel, I really enjoy watching videos: TV shows, ripped DVDs, etc. Unfortunately I’m still seeking the ultimate device for portable video: something that combines a big, bright screen with a reasonable amount of storage, and most importantly, isn’t too big and bulky. I’ve tried all sorts of devices over the years and none have fit the bill. When I saw the Sansa View Pocket Video Player, SanDisk’s forthcoming digital video player, I was very intrigued because it has everything I’m looking for: a big, four inch wide angle screen, support for a variety of video formats, 8 GB of Flash-based storage that’s expandable via SD cards, and is only 0.66 inches thick. I would have preferred to have 30+ GB of storage of course, but to get a thin device I can put up with “only” 16 GB of storage. The Sansa View is scheduled for release in late May 2007 and will sell for $299 USD.

I wanted to learn more about this new device, so I submitted my questions directly to SanDisk and Le Tran, one of the people directly involved with the Sansa View, was kind enough to answer them.

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