Bruce and I have been furiously cleaning the apartment the last few days. It was supposed to be done earlier this month, but life got in the way. Now we have a deadline: Company arrives in just a few hours. The place won’t be up to my normal specs, but it will be good enough.

That said.. I HATE cleaning. I want to be able to make the computer do it. I want it to automatically get rid of my junk snail mail the way Outlook and other email programs get rid of junk emails. I want to just tell my mailbox: this stuff is spam. Don’t send it anymore. Yes, we are on the do not mail list, but we live in an apartment. The lists don’t listen. We still get the stuff. Every day. No matter what.

Bruce says “When cleaning, the problem with cleaning is that as you go through it, you discover more things that need to be cleaned, moved, etc. not less.” I think he is right. We move things from one place to another and discover more stuff has grown back in the first place to replace the stuff we moved.

And the dust… We live in AZ. It is a total dust bowl here. You would think I would be used to it by now, but I am not. We keep the windows closed, but it still gets in. Makes cleaning fun when you both have dust allergies.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, it might be that the dust bunnies and stuff piles ate me. 

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