Gizmodo is reporting that PC Makers are less than thrilled with the demand for Microsoft’s Vista operating system.

…according to computer and component manufacturers, Vista is not the hotcake that they were hoping for. The not-so-shiny-shiny-anymore OS is not helping sales at all and some companies may end with a whole bunch of unsold stuff in their warehouses.

Take Acer’s president, Gianfranco Lanci, who has just said that “PC makers are really not counting on Vista to drive high demands for the industry.” Or Samsung Electronics, who now says that DRAM demand has not matched anyone’s predictions based on Vista’s now failed projections, something that is being echoed by the industry as a whole.

No surprise here. I think all the PC Makers, except Apple must be swearing in Redmond’s general direction. More and more users that gave Vista a try are trying to switch back to XP and others are giving up on Windows completely by switching to Apple or Linux. In either case all the spurned users are telling others and it’s affecting PC sales. In my opinion things will just keep getting worse for them.

It’s clear that Apple is now a viable choice for everyone. With Boot Camp or Parallels users can run the few applications that don’t have better Mac equivalents directly on their Mac, making it a Windows and Apple computer in one. As the former Windows users spend more time with their Macs the less they continue to rely on Windows and Windows applications and start embracing the Mac OS and its applications. From here on it’s going to continue to be a downward spiral for Microsoft and any company that relies on their software.

[PC Makers to Microsoft: “Vista Is Not a Seller. You Suck”]

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