An overview of America’s strategy for fighting terrorism makes one question how the American people can condone supposedly preemptive attacks on the Muslim world when it appears as if our own motives are fueled by greed, revenge, and a general disrespect for the Muslim regimes in power in the
Middle East. According to the February 2003, Strategy for Combating Terrorism, we are fighting a war to protect and defend our Homeland but when did Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, etc. attack us? Al Quida attacked us on September 11, 2001; not the Muslim world in general which makes one wonder why we still have not captured the perpetrator behind these attacks, Usama Bin Laden. 

While I have read this report which states that the War on Terror is a different kind of war and agree that we are battling ideas different from those we have grown up with I cannot help but question how we have helped the Iraqi populace when our actions have denied them the resources necessary to maintain human dignity. While this is abominable in itself, one should not be surprised at our government’s inadequacy to manage these problems in Iraq since they have not even shown the capability of dealing with domestic issues at home as was seen in the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

However, while believing in the dangers of totalitarian rule and opposing oppression regarding any group of individuals I am pragmatic enough to realize that the situation in the Middle East, which has existed since the days of Christ, is not likely to be changed in just a few years time. Due to that fact, I would prefer to see us concentrate our energies and finances on extending our defenses, disrupting terrorist operations, and in general depriving terrorists of what they need to operate and survive. I further believe that as a Nation we need to protect our future by controlling governmental spending and resources so that we can deal with our own domestic issues.[tags]War on Terror, War against Muslims, National Security, Human dignity, Governmental philosophy, National Strategy for protecting homeland, Homeland security[/tags]