I can remember graduating from university and starting to look for a teaching job. The only resource I really used to find job listings was the local newspaper. Every Saturday morning I would scour the classified ads to see what was available.

My next job, which stemmed my career change, I found on the Internet. The Internet is a great way to begin looking for an IT job (or any other job type for that matter), whether you’re looking to make a career change or looking for your first entry-level position. There are numerous Web sites that offer great job-hunting services, many of which are free. Most of them allow you to search for jobs based on your specifications, such as job type, location, salary expectations, and so on. Others allow you to post your own resume online that is viewable by potential employers.

The type of Web site you use will depends on the type of services that you are looking for. You may just want to search through job postings to get a feel for what is out there or you may want to post your resume for potential employers. In any case, here is a list of some popular Web sites that you can use to find your dream job. Most of the sites listed below allow you to post your resume, search, and apply for jobs free of charge.

Dice is one of the most popular Web sites for technology jobs. It allows you to post your resume that is viewable by potential employers, search job postings based on different criteria, and it provides various other career resources.

Monster is another popular Web site for job seekers. You can search through numerous job postings, apply for positions online, and get sound career advice. You can also use the new Network Now feature to make new contacts.

Careerbuilder posts thousands of job listings. You can search, post your resume, gain access to career advice and resources such as resume services.

ITJobs is solely dedicated to IT jobs. Companies can post available positions; you can search for jobs, and also post your resume on the Web site.

job-hunt.org provides many resources for job seekers from job searching to resume writing to optimizing your online job search.

Although the Internet can be used to kick start your career, you should also proceed with some level of caution, especially if you decide to post your resume online. Steer clear of those Web sites that do not allow you to maintain confidentiality and anonymity.

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