For the past several months as Vista was being dissected, evaluated, criticized, and praised there was a common belief that the smart money was waiting until Microsoft released a service pack or two before adopting the newest operating system. Most believed that what has happened with Windows 2000 and Windows XP would continue, and that Microsoft would combine super patches all rolled into one big fix called service packs.
Well that might not be the case with this release. Seems that Microsoft is very satisfied with Vista thus far. And that they may choose to provide fixes as needed via Windows update. The thinking is two fold:

  1. Smaller doses of updates would not be so disruptive as was the case with Windows XP – SP1. Many PC owners found themselves with slow running systems. And Windows XP – SP2 had some problems if I recall, in that some Dell systems were very problematic after applying the service pack.
  2. Cost – providing bandwidth for millions of downloads for service packs is costly to Microsoft as is sending out updating CD’s.

But who knows. Microsoft could change their minds and still provide service packs in the future.

What do you think? Will a Vista service pack be in our future, or will small doses of fixes via Windows updates take its place?

Comments welcome.

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