I’m sure by now that most of us have read the story about T.J.Max and the loss of some 45 million credit card and debit cards numbers that were apparently stolen following a break into their systems. But what seems even more incredible about the incident is that the break dates back to July of 2005. The company still doesn’t have a clue whether the break in was ongoing and just random breaks ins to their systems. Though they did discover that in December 2006 that suspicious software was hidden on their systems.

OK. So let us look at this situation. Several things come to my mind concerning the break in:

  1. T.J.Max has a IT department being run by Miss Childers 3rd grade class for incorrigible youth.
  2. T.J.Max doesn’t have a IT department.
  3. T.J.Max doesn’t have a clue about anything except that stuff was stolen.
  4. T.J.Max should not be allowed to use computers and each employees should be issued a Etch-a-Sketch.
  5. All of the above.

What is disturbing to me is that it will be the average person who will end up suffering. Someone who went to T.J.Max to buy a pair of socks and used their credit card to charge the purchase. This poor soul will now be punished by having his/her card used to charge up thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and then gets to fight with the credit card companies after his credit is screwed up. I have read where it takes some people years to get their report cleared for something they did not do.

So is it fair for T.J.Max to get off with a wrist slap? Shouldn’t they have to pay everyone who’s credit card was stolen for the pain and suffering they have incurred? How about having to clear everyone’s record who’s card was stolen and pay off any charges the thieves have charged?

What is your take on this? Should companies be held more liable for losing our identities and letting our credit cards be used by cyber criminals?

Comments welcome.

PS I am going to venture a guess that as the investigation proceeds we will learn that someone on the inside of T.J.Max may have been a accomplice to the theft. 🙂

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