If you have not noticed the video search service Blinkx, You should check it out NOW. Consider it the Google of video as Digital Inspiration thinks. With Blinkx, you can search the latest news videos, podcasts and TV content from most media companies including Forbes, Reuters, BBC, ABC News, CBS, MSNBC, USA Today, and so on. You can even search user-generated content available on video sharing sites like Blip.TV, Metacafe, etc.

Another nice (as well as impressive) feature about the search results that Blinkx provides is that you will get a short preview of the video in the search results page itself (in three seconds, to be precise). That makes it very easy to scan the search results because you get a good idea about the target video without having to load it in your browser. You can also switch to movie mode and play the videos back to back.

Unlike other video search engines which simply index the associated meta information (like video title, description and tags), Blinkx also indexes the audio portion from the video using speech recognition – that makes their video search results more relevant to your search keywords. [Blinkx: Way Ahead of the Curve]

In addition, Blinkx provides an RSS feed for each of the search results – that helps you track video stories on any topic directly in your favorite newsreader.

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