In Abandonment Theology, a compelling expose by John Chalfant, readers are encouraged to engage in a spiritual battle to rally America back to greatness by identifying what he sees as the problem and then fighting to preserve what he believes is our religious heritage. However, the reader must be aware that this book is geared toward traditional Christian beliefs and emphasizes that Christ and Freedom are inseparable and purports that God’s dominion mandate makes it paramount that the church be in control until His return. The author further makes known that he believes our freedoms are under attack on many battle fronts including the public school system and that as Americans we allow affluence to make us numb to the danger that surrounds our souls. Frighteningly, to this reviewer, Mr. Chalfant apparently believes in a militant Christianity, not unlike the Muslims who believe in Jihad, and that it is their duty and obligation to uphold democratic principles at whatever cost.  

It is therefore not surprising to find D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church expounding on Chalfant’s book calling it a spirit-led revelation for every true minister of Christ and all believers. He then adds that all Patriotic Americans need to carry the moral torch of freedom and liberty by spreading Christ’s proclamations. My question is where does that leave Patriotic Americans who are Muslim, Buddist, and Agnostic or from cultures other than the white middle class. Being the cynic that I am, one must wonder if the decline in church attendance has affected the preacher’s income and life style to such a point that they are hoping that this book will cause a trend back to where preacher’s control man’s soul, in the name of the Almighty, so that their pocketbooks can be enhanced.  

Don’t misunderstand me though as I do realize that there are genuine ministers out there who sincerely believe in their calling and live on little to serve their congregations. It is just that I have been jaundiced by the majority out there who demand their 10% from people who have nothing to feed their children and refuse to offer help to those in need. There are also some points that I agree with in the book, such as the fact that children in our public schools are exposed to subjects that encourage immorality and while I believe abstinence should be taught I believe that discussions of homosexuality and humanist atheism should be taught by parents not included in school curriculum.   

Is America in danger? If you believe Chalfant the answer is a resounding yes because he believes that for this country to be great again the Christian clergy must become militant. By this, he means that the American people “are in a war for our God-given nation and freedoms, and the workers of iniquity are winning.” To give him credit he does acknowledge that non-Christians are not obligated to adopt the Christian faith” but he adds, it is “the duty of every American citizen to defend the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian pillars of law and liberty which grant us such freedoms.” Interesting argument. If you don’t support Christianity, then you won’t have the right to believe something other than Christianity. Again, how is this different than what the fanatic Muslims are doing in their countries as they seek to silence any who do not follow their beliefs? I don’t understand how a militant Christianity, some of whom bomb abortion clinics, killing practitioners and patients can be viewed as righteous when it is a judgmental and intolerant attitude, and yes perhaps greed that influences their decisions. 

It was interesting for this reviewer to note a little history regarding Chalfant that revealed that he committed his life to serving Christ and
America after hearing a speech by Richard Arens. It was in this research series, on Soviet expansionism, that Aren’s began with the statement, “Two thousand years ago there was One who spoke these words: ‘No man can serve two masters,” comparing Jesus Christ, the “author of freedom,” to Karl Marx, the “destroyer of freedom.” Aren’s group, the HUAC, is legendary for its embrace and cultivation of widely differing points of view so how did Chalfant get to where he is today.  Aren’s went on, over the next thirty years, to assist and fund the many Christian pro-defense leaders supporting the “SALT Syndrome.”
This makes my question this: When did God instruct our nation that revival could only be obtained in the form of a missile defense system. Apparently, state and national lawmakers heard the call since they are hailing Chalfant’s book entitled “Abandonment Theology” as a foundation for their political platforms supporting the clergy stand despite that fact that America’s forefathers intended a separation of church and state.

Summarily, His book calls for a militant Christianity that will stop at nothing to ensure that the evil of differing views that he sees as evil are stopped and that they will prevail. To his views that a retreat from Christian duty is responsible for the undermining of America’s founding principles I say in some ways he is right but I cannot endorse a belief that places intolerance of others as a foundation block for their militancy against the innocent who are seeking God in their own way. Militant Christianity vs Militant Islam – what is the difference? None that this reviewer can see since it appears that the basis of both is control of the masses in the supposed name of the Almighty who I believe sent Christ to rid the world of intolerance, judgment and the Pharisees. America’s real revival will happen when these militant Christians go home, go to their room, close the door, take a deep breath – and take a good, long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and then, quietly and humbly and fervently ask God for help, insight, and direction.

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