Around every week or so I like to change my desktop wallpaper. It is kind of my reward for a week’s worth of work I guess you could say. No matter how dull or sad you might find that, you have to admit one thing. It is not an easy task to do. No matter if you find yourself with too many wallpaper favorites or not enough, I have a program that is going to make all our lives a little better.

MuralPix is a freeware program that automatically creates wallpaper for Windows out of pre-selected JPEG images and changes them depending on what time frame you put in. For an example, say you wanted your vacation photos as your wallpaper and you wanted a new picture each day. You would simply give the program your photo directory, set it to change every 24 hours, and you are done.

Here are a few more details about the product from the developers:

Whether you have a digital camera (and a growing archive of photos on your hard disk) or an archive of images downloaded from internet, MuralPix may be an excellent tool for you to enjoy your photos while you are working and to make the humdrum Windows desktop nice-looking and permanently changing.

This program is distributed as a freeware, so you can use it free of charge, as long as you are only using it for personal use. Check out the screenshots of the program in action to see how simple getting this all set up can really be.

[3.8M] [Win98/ME/2000/XP] [FREE]

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