The way we look at it, dancing is silly, period. If someone takes dancing too seriously, they look silly. That’s not to say that silly isn’t fun or that you shouldn’t get silly once in a while. If Christopher Walken didn’t look a little silly dancing in the “Weapon of Choice” video, how come you laughed at it? What we think is really silly are those games at the arcades where you try to mimic the moves and timing of the animated dancer onscreen. And you’re out in public. Silly, silly, silly.

If you want to get silly and you don’t want to be seen dancing in public (or at all), may we recommend Ya-Dancer. In this game you still have to match the moves and the timing but you don’t have to get out of your computer chair. You just have to hit the arrow keys in a choreographed sequence. How accurately you duplicate the sequence determines your score.

What’s cool about this game is that you make the silly character onscreen do all the dance moves. You only risk cramping your fingers, not throwing out your back. The various combinations of arrow keys translate to the dance moves of the onscreen doughboy looking character, Once you get into the groove in this game, you almost play it like Tetris. And you don’t look silly.

We like this game because it has rhythm and grace even if you don’t. And what other game out there lets you score with your dance moves without looking silly?

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