I love a controversy, and it seems that we have a good one going on between ExtremeTech and Ed Bott. Let me regress a moment before I choose sides. I recently read the ExtremeTech article on “Speeding Up Vista.” Heck, who doesn’t want a faster system, for free, by doing some fine tuning? After reading the article, I came away somewhat disappointed. As an example, here is some, but not all, of ExtremeTech’s advice:

“Keep Those Drivers Fresh” No duh! But with Vista brand spanking new, there are no fresher drivers available then either what comes with Vista or supplied by Vista update. In fact I still can’t get a properly working sound driver so how do I freshen mine up? Write my own driver?

“Lose What You Don’t Need” That’s nice. But how is the average user supposed to know what they need and don’t need? There was no explanation of what ALL of the options were some some vague description of what the writer used. So I guess you just play around until you have the system all screwed up!

“Hose Out the Background” The writer here recommends using MSCONFIG to clean up unwanted resource hogs. It is mentioned in the article to “Click the Start button, type msconfig, and hit Enter.” Again, you are supposed to play with this until you find the stuff that is hogging up resources. This is for expert users only. No further tutorial on how to use msconfig is given. Of course this is ExtremeTech and it is written for the tech-no-geek. 🙂

Anyway I could go on but you get my drift. Ed Bott calls the Vista article from ExtremeTech ” Pure, unadulterated crap.” I was hoping Ed would tell is how he really, really felt. LOL

But I must admit I have to agree with Ed on this one. The article is poorly written and directions are far from perfect. This is one of those quicky articles to draw attention but offers the new Vista user some advice that is unproven and untested. Of note Ed also mentions there were no testing procedures implemented to verify if any of these procedures really made a difference. Ed also says that some of what is listed could have potential damaging effects on your PC. I also agree with his summation.

Vista is still too new to start messing with the innards as of yet. IMHO.

Speedup article from ExtremeTech here.

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