As previously reported, Microsoft has extended the warranty period on its Xbox 360 from 90 days to one year, but now is also enhancing its warranty procedures. Microsoft will provide pre-paid shipping containers for the Xbox 360 return and also upon receipt of the gaming console promises to repair the unit within five business days.

In addition, if your gaming box fails after the one year warranty, you may still return the unit for repairs at your own expense, but once the unit is fixed, Microsoft will provide another one year warranty on the unit. It seems that Microsoft is taking customer satisfaction seriously and is making good on its promises of providing reliable and speedy repair service.

Microsoft also states on its Web site that:

“We’re increasing the number of Xbox customer care representatives, enhancing our training processes and further building out our on-site technical support, all so our customers will begin to experience a noticeable improvement in the quality of the service they receive when they contact us.

Xbox will be hiring a customer care champion who will be responsible for ensuring the end-to-end experience for all Xbox customers is first-class, evaluating and implementing new practices and policies to further enhance the Xbox customer experience. We are also adding more staff at the supervisory level, to ensure we serve you better.”

So what is your take on this new warranty process? Will Microsoft be in a position to effectively compete against the PS3 and Wii systems by providing better service? Is Microsoft learning a lesson from Dell and that people want better customer service?

Complete details from Microsoft are available here.

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