OK, so overall I am relatively happy with my DLink DGL-4300. Compared to those crap-tacular Linksys and Belkin routers sitting on the floor next to the trash can, I generally feel good about the performance offered by this higher-end consumer level router. One thing is for sure, I am rebooting it a lot less than I have been my Comcast DVR lately. To be fair though, the responsibility of getting that issue resolved falls squarely on my shoulders as I have simply not had the time to get the darn thing replaced.

But I digress, what is the final consensus on my existing router? Is this a router that I feel is doing the job at a level that meets with my needs? Thus far, I have felt good about recommending it. Both for myself and to other family members who have been enjoying what it offers.

With that said, I still cannot shake the feeling that I need (want) more from my router. Something a little less “consumer-ish” and more toward a SoHo level option. Considering my budget, I have managed to locate a couple of options that I would love to hear some feedback regarding these models. They are as follows:

Why these two models? Mainly the reviews seemed to be good overall. Then again, I still have some reservations on the lower priced “HotBrick”. Speaking as someone who like Greg, has “bricked” a stack himself, I am interested in spending a few extra bucks to ensure stability more than security.

So there we have it. Two router choices with the door open for other non-consumer level router alternatives. I would love to hear your suggestions, just hit the comments section aboveto sound off.