This is interesting. How would you like to be a resident geek at TechRepublic and get to take apart home tech. items and then be able to report your findings? Well this position may be just right for you. They are looking for new and fresh takes on any hardware that they haven’t previously dismantled. They only want original material so copy cats need not apply. Though they do not indicate a price, they do say the position is a paid one.

TechRepublic also states:

“TechRepublic is holding gadget-geek tryouts. If you make the varsity squad, we’ll give you money–and free tech. TR has a shortage of time and talent available to dissect home electronics and document the carnage, which we gleefully refer to as cracking open. If you think you can create a Cracking Open gallery as good or better than the TR pros, we’ll sign you to a paying contributor gig and arrange for a steady flow of free gadgets and gear that you can lovingly deconstruct. ”

Sounds like a fun position to me. So pull out your hammers and crowbars and yank apart a hardware piece that you would think could be of interest and submit your photo’s and write up ASAP. Make sure you read the requirements carefully on the site and follow the directions as well here.
Good luck!

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