This post really isn’t for any articles or technology news. It is more of the frustration of companies making too little of their new and best products for the public. For instance the Wii. I would love to have one. We have and Xbox, Dreamcast (oldie), and all the smaller gaming systems. The controls have always been difficult to use for people with disabilities. Especially spinal cord injured people or folks with weak muscles.

I belong to a disabled gamers group and many have been wanting to purchase the Wii specifically for the easy use of the controls. Now people who were former gamers before their injury will have the possibility to game again.

I think I would like to purchase one because using the controls for certain games would help the range of motion of arms and hands. So I wait …. and wait for the next big shipment of the Wii.

shameless plug till I get my video numbers up.  Obsession, obsession…. 

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