Today’s game involves beer. More specifically, today’s game involves getting beer from one place to another. This is a behind-the-scenes look at an unnecessarily complicated way to get beer from barrel to tap. So sober up and get ready to play More Beer.

In this game you have to connect the drinkers with their drink by assembling a path of pipes through which the golden brew can flow. You do this by dragging the appropriate pipes into positions which will connect the barrel to the bar above. Much of your time will be spent digging through pipes to find just the right ones. A wrench can be used to rotate the pipes ninety degrees clockwise. But it can only be used three times.

Yes. We agree. It WOULD be much easier to go down the street and just buy a keg or two from the store on the corner. But that’s not how this bar works. At least your customers wouldn’t have to wait so long. However, owners of this bar have decided that a very good beer requires a complicated and time consuming method of delivery. Thankfully the customers at this watering hole are very patient. They’re not doltish louts that frequent other bars.

More Beer isn’t a watered waste of time. It’s a mellow game with great taste. It’s More Beer Time!

We thought the customers should have had enormous biceps from lifting their mugs so many times.

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