More Linux rants…it’s working so far. I can do most of what I want to do. Web surfing is fine with Firefox; haven’t run into any problems so far. I’m running Amarok as my media player and it also runs pretty well. Ktorrent is a decent bittorent application though it seems slower than Utorrent on XP. Networking is still an issue that I have problems with and I have to say that I’m not pleased with all the steps required with Linux. Networking with XP is a breeze and my friends who have Macs say the same thing. Linux is just not user friendly to me when it comes to trying to talk to the other computers. It’s working and then a few minutes later it isn’t. That is quite frustrating. I’m also not too impressed with Open Office. It works but I’m a power user with MS Office 2007 and it just doesn’t measure up for the things that I do. For basic things it’s ok but that is it.

So what is my take so far? Linux is a learning experience but I don’t see giving up on XP or Microsoft anytime soon. I certainly wouldn’t put Linux on my parent’s computer and leave them alone. I’ll keep playing and keep posting my thoughts.

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