One of my least favorite things about the freelance lifestyle is the need to keep track of your time. I’ve been doing this for a few years, and I’ve found that a good reputation encourages each company to trust you and not give you a big hassle about where every minute of your time went. I usually end up doing so much at once that it’s extremely difficult to pinpoint each specific activity, and that’s why general task headings can be helpful. We each have our own way of tracking what we do while we work, but SlimTimer might provide a better solution for you.

This online service makes obsessive-compulsive time tracking easier than it’s ever been before. Once you’ve created your tasks, just click on one of them to make the clock start ticking, and click it again when you’re done with that task for the time being. Tasks can be marked off when they’re completed, and when it’s time to share your report with the powers that be, you can export it to a CSV file, syndicate it via RSS, or just use the old and reliable method of sending it as an e-mail. If nothing else, your employer will at least have to be impressed with your accuracy. Oh, and don’t include the time that you spent watching Maury while you were supposed to be working.

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