Or is that two questions? I have been one of the fortunate ones in that I was able to get a hold of Vista Ultimate right after it was released to the business community back in November, 2006. So I have had the pleasure, or sometimes not so pleasurable, to experience Vista in its finest hours longer than some who like to posts reviews on the net. And I try to keep myself thinking that Vista is going to be a great operating system once some of the kinks get worked out. But I also find that even after 4 + months of use, I’m still struggling with the new OS. Here’s why:

  1. Moving stuff around does not make it NEW and WOWING! Now after 4 months you would think that I would get the hang of where stuff is. Nope. But it might just be this old dog and new tricks. You see, 98, 2000, and XP were all basically the same and stuff was where stuff was supposed to be. IMHO. But I have adopted and moved MY STUFF where I can find it.
  2. Icon size. Yes, Microsoft thought we needed bigger icons so they increased the size. Some smart ass made mention that the new icons were made for the AARP crowd. I resemble that remark! Since I don’t keep icons on my desktop and only in the tray, it doesn’t apply for me.
  3. DRM – well thats something your going to have to live with in Vista. Microsoft was forced into DRM by the recording folks who were not going to support Vista if it wasn’t included. I can’t help here. 🙁
  4. Cost – Vista is pricey. I got my version as a freebie for being a beta tester. Yet I haven’t bought Vista and most likely won’t until I get it on a new PC.
  5. Software – some of the games I like will not play nicely on Vista, so I dual boot to XP to play by favorites.
  6. No sound from Windows – the driver for my sound card have not been updated. Yet I can play music disk just fine. Go figure. Its Windows sounds that I miss, but is no biggie.
  7. Lock ups – I’ve had several for no apparent reason. These have occurred when the system was just sitting there in idle position.
  8. Networking – I have trouble on occasion printing to my network printer. Vista seems to lose it for no reason. Then ‘bang’ it works. Its been a crap shoot whether I get to print or not. Printer is a HP Laser and I have no problem ever printing from a XP system on the same network.
  9. Other software – some of my other software won’t play with Vista. My copy of Quickbooks Pro 2003 is a no go. And I can see buying new software as well as buying Vista may be to high of a expense for some to bear.
  10. And I’ve chosen to turn off UAC and run in Administrative mode. This is a experiment to see what kind of havoc I’ll run into. LOL I feel that I am grown up enough that I can do without the mothering Vista wants to use.

What I do like:

  1. I really do like the new GUI. I’m a eye candy person and it beats looking at XP.
  2. Once I kicked in more RAM, 2G, my system is purring like a kitten. I know. 2G seems like a lot, but it does seem to be the sweet spot for my system.
  3. As I continue to find my way around the system, I am now finding things a lot easier to use. What I mean is that Vista is easy to use. It just takes some practice. Maybe old dogs can do new tricks after all.
  4. WiFi – no brainer here. It just works and for some odd reason Vista reports a better signal strength than on the XP side. I have noticed two updates for my wi-fi card since I started using Vista. Performance is better. Or is it just a my perception? It does sound strange even to me after thinking about it.
  5. Performance is on par with XP.

Overall my experience with Vista has been OK thus far. But I personally believe that unless you already have a computer that fully supports Vista and with plenty of cpu cycles and RAM, your best bet is to wait until you buy a new PC. I still use Windows XP on my other systems and will not be upgrading. 🙂

But as always, you are the one who must make the final decision.

Comments welcome.

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