As you may well know, most dwarves look alike. They’re nearly identical. However the funky little fellows are different enough in one way for someone to smell the difference between them.

Find Mulch takes the stale game of Concentration and makes it… um… fresh. Rather than LOOKING for differences between the similarly countenanced characters, you LISTEN for the differences. All of the dwarves except one has a tempestuous sound that he shares with one other dwarf. Your job is to try to match the stout windbags with their partners in your search for Mulch. Matched gassers will exit the screen, reducing the number of fragrant characters remaining. Keep going until you’ve eliminated all but Mulch.

Okay. So the game is somewhat crude. Once you get past that however, you can enjoy a unique game of Concentration and appreciate the wonderful graphics and animation. Players who have read the excellent Artemis Fowl series will appreciate the character of Mulch Diggums more than players who haven’t.

Dare we say it? Yes, we dare. This game is a gas.

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