A good text editor is like that old smelly pair of socks you refuse to change. You like how they feel, and you have just gotten used to the smell. I don’t know too many people who change text editors after they find one they like, but hopefully I’ll get those folks out there that do not have a favorite a new one to consider.

Notepad SX is another notepad replacement with a few extra features that the Microsoft team left out of their version.

Here is what the developers of the program have to say about it’s freeware goodness.

NotePad SX is a notepad replacement text editor that offers a tabbed interface and a variety of text processing functions. You can convert cases, sort lines, generate random text, reverse text, trim lines, remove HTML/XML tags and more. The program also supports text-to-speech synthesis (Microsoft Agent) and offers several interface styles to choose from.

There is no re-learning the interface here, it is all pretty straightforward. If you have used any text editor before, you should be able to find yourself at home here. The tabbed interface is nice as well, I just wish it was on the top and not at the bottom. After playing with it, I was sad to see that you could not change that.

So what do you think? Is it time to change your socks, or have you not been won over just yet? I would suggest you at least try out Notepad SX. Who knows, it might fit you better than you think.

[693K] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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