It seems like there’s never a shortage of new online services that are trying to help us get and stay organized. As you can imagine, this is a result of all the information that’s being shoved in our faces on a continual basis. We all have more to keep track of and do than ever before, and it takes every ounce of power that our brains can muster just to keep up with it all and not shutdown. Because of this reality, you’ve surely felt overwhelmed when it comes to tackling your list of things to accomplish immediately and in the near future, and Hiveminder understands this.

Sometimes you just need to dump your brain of its content so you can organize it, prioritize it, and then go from there, and that’s exactly what Hiveminder encourages you to do. Although these tasks may be yours in the sense that you entered them in the system, you can also share them with anyone who has an e-mail address, and this will help you to collaborate on and work towards accomplishing these tasks. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, keep track of your feeds to stay on top of what you need to be doing and when.

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